Is this your first time in Las Vegas? Great!

Not interested in gambling, fine dining, walking the strip and downtown, or riding the High Roller? That’s ok, it’s not for everyone.

Only thing you want to do is go to the best clubs in town and party your balls off from Thursday night to Monday morning?? Then you’re in the right place ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m gonna guide you to the best three and a half days of pool parties and night clubs that Vegas has to offer. If you actually make it to all the events, by Monday you will be a shell of the person that arrived in town less than 90 hours ago.

I’m assuming you’ll be doing general admission for all the events and not buying tables. If you’re going the table route I still recommend the same events, it’ll just be less hassle to get in.

Before you even get to Vegas I highly suggest downloading the Discotech App to your phone. It’s going to come in handy for getting on guest lists and buying event tickets. Make sure to guest list or buy tickets for all the clubs at least 12 hours beforehand because they close a few hours before each event starts.

Also do a quick skim of my How To Get In Guide so you understand how Vegas clubs work a little better.

Note:ย Clubs change nights throughout the year, as well as holiday weekends etc. Generally though this will be the best lineup of parties you can do over an extended Vegas weekend.


Thursday Night:ย Hakkasan




So you just got into Vegas for the first time, and checked into your hotel. Hopefully you took an uber from the airport since Vegas cabs are the worst! Since it’s still early enough in the evening, go explore your hotel and the surrounding area. Try to can get your bearings a little bit since most resorts are so big they take some time to get familiar.

While you’re out hit up a CVS, Walgreens, or gift shop and buy some liquor to pregame with. Club drinks aren’t cheap and you’re gonna be doing a lot of clubbing in the next few days!

Get some drinks going while you’re getting ready, and make sure you’re out the door by 10pm. Tonight you’re going toย ย Hakkasan at the MGM Grand!


Arrive at Hakkasan.

Guest listing for this is event is the way to go. No need to get tickets. If you’re group is more men than women, try to make friends with some girls in line so that you have an even ratio. Discotech should have listed out the guest list rules for the night, but usually you have to arrive by 11pm. So get there at 10:30 just to be safe.

If you read my guide to Hak then you should know it’s not my favorite club in Vegas. The main reason is that they pack the place until you feel like you’re in a slaughter house. Thursdays are a different story though. It doesn’t get filled all the way up, so you can actually move around and might be able to get on the dance floor when the headliner comes on.


Go home! Pace yourself a bit, it’s gonna be a long weekend.


Friday Daytime: Marquee Day Club



Feel free to sleep in a bit today. Considering it was your first night in Las Vegas, you probably over did last night anyways. Plus pool parties on Fridays are a little more relaxed since a lot of people still haven’t arrived for the weekend. I’d recommend getting some food and having a couple drinks in the room before you head out.


Now it’s go time and you’re heading over to The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas for the Marquee Day Club. No need for tickets, guest listing is fine. Guest list cut off is usually 2:30 on Fridays, but better to get there a little early. MDC has an awesome setup and shouldn’t be overly crowded on Friday.

Mingle, drink, dance, get wild.


Back to the hotel. This is a critical time, and you have to know yourself to make a good decision. Taking a nap will be very tempting, but I’ve found it’s usually a bad idea for most. It’s tough to rebound after going to sleep. Better to have a light meal, go gamble or watch some tv.


Friday Night: Omnia



So far things have been pretty easy, but now the real weekend begins. It’s about to get a little crazy! Usually Friday nights at Omnia mean Calvin Harris. And Calvin Harris means its gonna be slammed. Usually there’s no guest list, so you’re gonna be buying tickets for this event, and showing up relatively early. If you plan on drinking at the club I would recommend going for the VIP bar card. Check out my Omnia guide to see your options.


You should aim to be getting to Caesars Palace by 10pm. Any later than that and you’re risking a 2+ hour wait. Omnia is huge and has a great terrace to hang out on, so don’t worry about arriving too early. Also be sure to check out the Heart of Omnia for some hip hop. If you want to see the headliner perform, get on the dance floor before midnight, otherwise it’ll be blocked off and you’ll have to tip a security guy to enter.


If you’re a beast you will want to keep the party going. While after hours at Drais is right across the street at The Cromwell, I highly recommend doing something else. I’ve regretted going there every time. It will be difficult to get in, usually a bad ratio of male to females, and the vibe is rarely light and fun. Especially if you’re only a group of guys.

Better options are to find a casino lounge or bar to keep the night going. Or just go home! Tomorrow’s another big day and you will have to get up earlier than today,


Saturday Daytime: Wet Republic



Rise and shine! Your party weekend is not even halfway done!!

No sleeping in today, as Saturdays are when the pool clubs are jam packed. Plan to arrive at Wet Republic at 11am. Get some food and booze in your system before you get there. Also not a good time to be guest listing. Tickets will be relatively cheap, and the line much shorter. Sometimes you can buy a ticket that combines Omnia Friday & WET on Saturday since they’re both owned by the same company.


Hopefully you got to WET by 11, so you should be inside by now. Try to make some space for you and your group on the edge of the pool. Enjoy the pool now while it’s still a light blue color because once the day gets going the pool is going to get really murky, and jam packed with organisms that barely resemble human beings. Should be a great afternoon!


Back to the hotel. Same plan as yesterday, only take a nap if you can rebound from it.


Saturday Night: Drais



Getting a little sick of all the EDM for 2 days straight? Want to hear some hip hop? Lucky for you Drais is up tonight! Since Drais has big headliners on the weekends they don’t have a guest list. You’ll have spring for some more tickets. Luckily you don’t have to arrive too early, so 11-11:30 is fine.


The performer for the night usually starts around 1am, but there will be a DJ and the Drais dancers getting everyone warmed up. Go out on the pool deck and take in the sights from one of the best views of the strip.


Drais usually winds down earlier than other clubs. A lot of people leave after the headliner finishes their set. Luckily there’s an after party on Saturday nights, and I’m not talking about Drais in the basement!

Terrace After Hours is held on the rooftop at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club. It just happens to be above a strip club but don’t expect lap dances. If you still have some energy and wanna dance until the sun comes up, it’s an awesome chill party.

Note: If you take a taxi or uber be very clear that you’re going to the terrace and not the strip club. Drivers in Vegas get kickbacks from strip clubs in Vegas for dropping people off and they’ll expect that unless you let them know!


Sunday Daytime: Encore Beach Club



You’re probably not feeling so great this morning, especially if you went to after hours last night. You might be thinking that it may be a good time to chill out today instead of party… that would be a big mistake!

As much fun as all the parties you’ve been so far, the best has been saved for last. Encore Beach Club is the best pool party in all of Las Vegas! So take a shot, get some coffee and suck it up.


If you’re willing to get to EBC by 11 then guest listing is ok. You’ll still wait for a while but it shouldn’t be too bad. If you think you’ll want to sleep in a little more then buy tickets. Even with tickets though I would aim to get there around noon.

When you do get inside, you’ll see what I’m talking about when I say it’s the best day club. The venue and the pool are enormous, and the design is something you will only find at a Wynn property. There’s lockers available but you should be able to find a spot to stash all your belongings.


Third day in a row, so you know the drill. If you only have one bathing suit be sure to wash it now and let it dry out because tonight you’re gonna be wearing it again!


Sunday Night: XS Nightswim



Now for the Grand Finale! If you’ve never been to Vegas, you’ve never experienced anything like this. I would recommend buying tickets but guest list could work if you can arrive before 10:30.


XS is my favorite nightclub in Vegas and nightswim is their best party. It’s basically a pool party at night. Some people will be dressed in nightclub attire, but ignore those people. In and around the pool is where you want to be. Get as wild as you want because it’s all over after this. Back to reality and no day clubs to wake up for tomorrow.


That’s all folks. If your brain and body are still functioning that’s very impressive. You experienced the best Las Vegas has to offer. Next time maybe you should try to do some of the non club things in town. Or maybe not ๐Ÿ˜‰