Discotech is an app and website that gives you info on everything going on in the Las Vegas day life and nightlife scene. They also cover a lot of other cities around the US, so it’s useful outside of Vegas as well.

There’s a lot of different websites that can get you on guest lists, tell you who’s performing around town, and get you table minimums, but the Discotech app does all that and with the best accuracy. The Discotech website has all the info as well, but the app is much more user friendly.



When you download the app and select Las Vegas as your destination, you will see a list of all the major day and nightclubs.



Select the club you’re interested in and it will give you a list of events going on at that venue. If you click the “i” on the top right, you will get a description of the club as well as options to see the table layout and bottle menu.

Note that bottles prices can change depending on season and demand, but it should give you a rough estimate.



Click the event you want to attend and you’re given three options. Guest List, Tickets, or Bottle Service.



From here you can add your name right to the guest list of any event without having to find and deal with a club promoter. I’ve found the guest list rules stated on Discotech to be much more accurate than on other online guest list websites. Other sites will claim looser restrictions, especially for guys, and then when you show up you find out they were wrong and have to pay cover.

I still recommend using an actual club promoter to guest list, but discotech is a great resource so you know the restrictions before you start contacting anyone. For more info on why you should use a promoter click: here

If you want to buy tickets for the event, the app will usually send you to a third party website that sells them. Here’s why tickets are sometimes a better idea than guest lists: How Do I Get In?



Now for discotech’s best feature, table prices! When you click on Table Service, a list of all available tables for that event show up. This is great because it saves you so much time versus having to contact hosts at each club you’re considering for the night. I’ve found the prices to be very accurate, though sometimes you can get a smaller minimum with an extra tip, or if you have a relationship with a host already.

Similar to guest listing, you can lock down a table right through the app, but I suggest using discotech as a information resource. When you’ve found the table and price you want, that’s when I would reach out to a host who works at the club, and deal with them directly.

If you need more help with how table service works, read my guide to bottle serviceย as well as why bottles are worth the cost.



Discotech also has a calendar feature that lets you browse all the different events going on certain date, rather than having to click on each club individually.


I use the Discotech app every time I plan on going out in Vegas to find out what my options are for the night. Whether I’m guest listing or getting a table, the info is better than any other site you will find.

Now you can stop asking me to get you a list of table prices for the night!