One of the most popular questions I see online and often get is some version of: “Doing a group trip to Vegas with myself and 6 friends. Instead of getting separate rooms we want to chip in to get a big suite! Where is a good place for us to stay?”

While that sounds like fun in theory, hotels in Vegas intentionally don’t make room set ups to house a mass of young party goers all together. For hotel operators having 6-10 people all in one room is a recipe for a lot of problems. They also don’t want you partying in the room with store bought alcohol, they want you at the overpriced bars and casino spending your dollars.

Most suites in Vegas are just a room that has been divided up between the living room and a bedroom. The vast majority have just one king bed, so unless everyone wants to bring sleeping bags and stay on the floor, the sharing one big suite idea isn’t usually so great. It’s also a lot cheaper to get 3 rooms with two beds than one suite with one bed.

So my recommendation for most people visiting is to get your own room, with your own bed, and save the money you were gonna spend on a suite for doing the stuff in Vegas that’s actually fun (eating, partying, gambling). Most people barely spend any time in their rooms besides sleeping, and if you’re actually trying to meet a girl/guy, then bringing them back to a room with 6 other people and a shared bed can be a tough sell.

All that being said a lot people still want to do the suite idea! So for those people I found all the reasonably priced (mostly <$1000/night) suites in and around the strip. If your budget is in the 2k+/night range then you’ll have even more options that are a lot fancier than these. My aim was to find suite or room options that have 3+ beds for a price that wouldn’t be too much more than everyone getting their own rooms.

Quick note on the prices below: the prices listed are mostly for Friday-Sunday in the middle of November. It was just a random weekend so that you can get an idea of what each suite would cost you. November isn’t the busiest time of year in Vegas, but I also didn’t use any promo codes, players cards, or shop around, so your costs could be potentially be much higher or lower. Use the prices as a general estimate.

Total prices include taxes and resort fees for 2 nights.


Friday November 17 – Sunday November 19



Venetian/Palazzo: Bella Suite

Size: 700 sq feet

Beds: 2 Queens + 1 pull out + couch space

Total: $690 for 2 nights

Pros: Nice property. Decent location. Cheap price for a lot of beds.

Cons: Doesn’t really feel like a ‘suite’, just a bigger hotel room.

Stay: If your group would rather have more people in one room at a nicer property vs having more rooms at a lesser hotel.

Usually my first recommendation to anyone who asks me where they should stay when visiting Vegas with a group. The reason is that their regular rooms are all mini suites. The Bella rooms come with two queen sized beds plus a sunken living room area that has a pull out sofa bed. Even with the sofa bed pulled out there’s still space on the couch for another person to sleep.

So if your group is comfortable sharing a queen sized bed then you could easily fit 6 people into one room. Personally I’ve seen 10+ girls in one of these rooms before, but I think most had other plans for where they were going spend the night. The Bella Suites are 700 sq feet, and you can ask for connecting rooms but they don’t guarantee them. They have bigger suites at V/P but it mostly just goes towards empty floor space so I wouldn’t bother paying up.



Planet Hollywood: Panorama Suite

Size: 1200+ sq feet

Beds: 1 King + 2 couches + option to add 2 Queens

Total: $1600++? for 2 nights

Pros: Fun hotel. Good Location. Great views with panorama windows. Feels like a suite.

Cons: Mid tier hotel. PH pool is weak. Have to add detached side room for more beds.

Stay: If you can get a good price on adding the extra room, and want to host some gatherings in your room.

Planet Hollywood has a good collection of two bedrooms suites but I can’t figure out how many beds you can have and what exact prices are online. The reason is because all the suites come with just one bedroom and if you want more they have rooms that can attach through the foyer. They don’t price all the extras online so you would have to speak with someone to get exact prices for the set up you’re looking for. Might have option for 4 Queen beds instead of 1 King + 2 Queens but I’m not sure.

The Panorama Suite is the best choice because of its awesome floor to ceiling, entire wall panorama windows. It also has a large living space with a couple couches so there’s extra sleeping spots. PH also has a Boulevard Suite and Apex Suite which are larger, but also much pricier, and the views aren’t nearly as nice.

This suite would be a good choice if you can snag it at a decent price. Feels much more like a Vegas suite than some of the other options below.



Flamingo: Metropolitan Suite

Size: 1400-1600 sq feet

Beds: 1 Kings + 2 Queens + large couch

Total: $2175 for 2 nights

Pros: Fun hotel. Great Location. Feels like a suite.

Cons: Flamingo isn’t the classiest property.

Stay: If Planet Hollywood Panorama is too expensive this would be a good alternative.

With 3 beds and a large sectional couch if your group is willing to share beds you can squeeze in a lot of people into this room. The Flamingo isn’t the newest or nicest property, but the casino always has a fun atmosphere, and the GO Pool is a great time if you don’t mind a little rachetness. It’s also located in the center of the strip.

If prices were exactly the same I would probably pick the PH Panorama Suite, but if you care about the pool at all then Flamingo may be a better choice. The living room also has a bar area as well as dining table. Not a huge space but you could host a decent sized group.



Mirage: Hospitality Suite

Size: 1700 sq feet

Beds: 1 King + 2 Doubles + couch space

Total: $1560 for 2 nights

Pros: Mirage is a decent property. Decent location. Cheap price for a suite with 3 beds.

Cons: No windows in the living room. A little bit dated.

Stay: If you want to have some space to hang out and pregame.

The Mirage actually has several reasonably priced 2 bedroom suites. Only one comes with 3 beds and that’s the hospitality suite. One bedroom has a king bed, the other has 2 double beds. There’s also a big living room with a sectional couch that could easily sleep another. A big dining room table and a bar area fill out the room.



Mandalay Bay: 2 Bedroom Suite

Size: 1450 sq feet

Beds: 1 King + 2 Queens + couch space

Total: $1500 for 2 nights

Pros: Decent property. Cheap price for a suite with 3 beds.

Cons: Terrible location on furthest south point of the strip.

Stay: If you don’t care about where on the strip you are or like Mandalay Bay for some reason.

This suite is very similar in price and style to the one at the Mirage and both are mid tier properties. The room is actually a little nicer because the living room has windows. The downside is Mandalay Bay is the last property on the strip on the south side. I would pick the Mirage Hospitality Suite just based on location vs staying at MB. If location doesn’t matter than this is a fine option.



Bellagio: Queen Suite

Size: 1000 sq feet

Beds: 2 Queens + pull out couch

Total: $1600 for 2 nights

Pros: Classy property. Beautiful casino. Central location.

Cons: Bellagio isn’t a party place. Rooms are dated.

Stay: If you really like the Bellagio.

While the Bellagio and it’s casino are my favorite on the strip I always advise against staying there. The crowd is much older and good luck meeting girls at the pool here. For the same price you can a better room at the Mirage. Only stay here if you want a classier place to stay.



The Cosmopolitan: Two Bedroom City Suite

Size: 1615 sq feet

Beds: 1 King + 2 Queens

Total: $2900 for 2 nights

Pros: Best hotel on the strip. Great Location. Amazing views.

Cons: No balcony. Living room set up isn’t great for having people sleeping. Cost is higher per person than a similar suite at a lesser property.

Stay: If you want to be at the Cosmo! Otherwise cheaper options elsewhere.

If you’re in Las Vegas to party The Cosmo is unquestionably the best place to stay. It’s right in the heart of the action, has great bars, Marquee Dayclub and Nightclub, and it’s where you will find Las Vegas’s best looking crowd. It’s usually one of the priciest places to stay on the strip for good reason.

The two bedroom suite comes with one king and two queen beds. The bedrooms take up most of the room’s square footage, so the living room area isn’t great for hanging out. The couch would also not be fun to sleep on. I wouldn’t recommend this room if you’re trying to fit in a lot of extra people. It’s also a city room, which means there is no balcony unlike most rooms at The Cosmo.



Bally’s: Penthouse Suite

Size: 2500-3400 sq feet

Beds: 2 Kings + lots of couch spaces

Total: $2770 for 2 nights

Pros: Enormous room. Great Location. Balconies. Hot tubs in both bedrooms. Can host a very large group to party.

Cons: You will be staying at Bally’s. Only two beds.

Stay: If you want to have the party in room, and don’t care about the property you’re staying at. If your friends don’t care about sleeping in a bed, you could easily fit a dozen or more people.

The Bally’s Penthouse Suite is huge. It has two big bedrooms that each have a hot tub right by the bed in an open bathroom. If you want to have a hot tub party then this is the room to do it. The living room has several seating areas with couches and lounge chairs that could sleep a lot of people, as well as a bar area and some balconies.

The room is ideal if you really want to feel like you’re in a baller Las Vegas suite for a fraction of what it would cost at a tier 1 property.



Caesar’s Palace: Forum Tower Duplex Suite aka The Hangover Suite

Size: 3000 sq feet

Beds: 2 Kings + lots of couch space + can add up to two side rooms

Total: $5000++ for 2 nights

Pros: Ridiculous room. Great Location. The Hangover Suite!

Cons: Obviously a lot of money for a room.

Stay: If you can afford it.

This doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the suites I’ve put on this list, but the price wasn’t nearly as expensive as I thought it would be. Most other high end suites in Vegas start around $4000/night. With the two rooms attached you could potentially fit a large bachelor party into this place, and if you split the cost 10+ ways, then it really could become manageable.

Caesars has a ton of other suites as well, but they’re pretty much all one bed and overpriced vs the other suites I’ve included on this list. The Hangover Suite was the one suite that has some value if you can fit it into your budget.



Vdara: 2 Bedroom Penthouse

Size: 1300 sq feet

Beds: 2 Kings + pull out queen

Total: $2035 for 2 nights

Pros: Modern hotel. Decent Location. Great views. Kitchenette with full sized fridge.

Cons: Quiet hotel with no casino. Living room is small and basic.

Stay: If you want to be a little bit away from the action.

Vdara is a condo hotel that’s part of the City Center. If you don’t care about staying at a fun, party location, then this could be an option. Has the feel of an apartment because of the kitchen. Nice 180 degree views from a high floor.

For $100-150 more per night Vdara also has a two bedroom hospitality suite, which has a little more space, or a two bedroom loft with a better layout and tall ceilings. Both have same number of beds as the penthouse.



Polo Towers: Two Bedroom Suite

Size: 900 sq feet

Beds: 1 Kings + 1 Queen Murphy + 1 Queen pull out

Total: $786 for 2 nights

Pros: Has a full kitchen. Cheap. Rooftop pool.

Cons: Not a casino property. Very Dated. Entrance off the strip. Not a fun spot.

Stay: If for some reason you really want a full sized kitchen.

This is a low cost value option. Polo Towers isn’t a fun place to stay, but if you feel like having an apartment with a kitchen then you could do worse. It’s not right on the strip either. It’s a ok option if you’re staying for more than a few days and want something more like a home than a hotel.



Marriott Grand Chateau: Two or Three Bedroom Villa

Size: 1200-2100 sq feet

Beds: 2 Kings + 2 pull outs // 2 Kings + 2 Doubles + 2 pull outs

Total: $816-1460 for 2 nights

Pros: Has a full kitchen. Cheap. Hot tubs. Lots of beds.

Cons: Not a casino property. Entrance down Harmon off the strip. Not a fun spot.

Stay: If like Polo Towers, you want more of an apartment than a hotel room. Can fit a lot of people into the rooms.

This is another slightly off strip property like Polo Towers. I would pick the Marriott over Polo. The rooms are a little nicer and there’s more beds for a similar price. Would not be my first choice if you’re coming to party for a weekend, but it’s option if you have kids or want a kitchen.



Harrah’s: Executive Two Queen Suite

Size: 700+ sq feet

Beds: 2 Queens + pull out couch + can add 2 Queens

Total: $1050++? for 2 nights

Pros: Decent location. Cheap price for lots of beds.

Cons: Harrah’s isn’t nice. Doesn’t feel like a suite.

Stay: If you have status with Caesars and can get a good price.

This suite can combine with another attached room that has two queens as well for a total of 4 beds plus the pull out. The room is the same size at the Venetian/Palazzo Bella Suites, so unless you have status with Total Rewards, and can get this room option for very cheap, I see no reason to stay here.



The Linq: Poolside Cabana

Size: 300 sq feet + patio

Beds: 1 King or 2 Doubles

Total: $1086 for 2 nights

Pros: Has a patio that opens up to the pool. Fun hotel. Good location.

Cons: Not a suite. Room is tiny.

Stay: If you want to have a poolside party in your room.

This suite doesn’t really belong on the list but it’s very unique so I’m adding it anyways. I would only get this room during pool season as the actual room is tiny. The room is right next to the pool and you get your own patio area. The Linq pool isn’t the greatest but it can get fun during summertime. If you have a big group it would be a blast to get one of these rooms. It’s like you’re own private cabana at a pool party, and you can probably sneak in your own alcohol.



The Wynn & Encore:

The Wynn has a lot of suites that aren’t crazy expensive and very spacious, but all of them come with just one king bed. It’s an amazing hotel and property, but I wouldn’t try to pile in a bunch of people into one room here. If you’re going to stay at The Wynn, get your own room and be classy.




Has many 2,3 or 4 bedroom suites to choose from. Prices start at $1200/night and go up to $3500+/night for the 4 bedroom. Seemed a bit overpriced for what you get and you’re way in the back of Planet Hollywood. Might be worth looking if you have a very large group though or can buy a timeshare privately for much cheaper than listed prices.



Oasis at the Gold Spike:

Has two cool options if you’re looking to stay downtown.


First is the Real World Suite. It’s 5000 sq feet and has 7 beds. Have no idea on cost, but by far coolest room to stay at downtown.


Second is the Sugar Shack. It’s a shack built in the backyard of the Gold Spike. It has 3 beds and a front porch. You’re literally in the middle of the party and the Gold Spike is open 24 hours, so you better be ready if you’re going to stay there.



Downtown Grand: Bunk Bed Suite

Has 4 full sized bunk beds and a sleeper queen in the living room. $615 total for two nights. 680 sq feet.

Not sure you’re going to want to bring anyone back to the top bunk, but it’s a really unique room that’s super cheap. Could be a lot of fun.



If you think I overlooked any properties, or good suites that have a lot of beds at a decent price, please let me know. Have fun sleeping with 7 of your buddies in a room meant for 3 people!!