If you don’t feel like diving deep into the world of promoters and how guest lists in Las Vegas really work, then the simple answer to the question above is yes they work. Put your name on the list, show up early, and get in free or discounted.

Whether you use , or many other websites and apps out there, putting your name on these sites will get you in as long as you are at the door by the time the rules state. That doesn’t mean show up to the club by that time because you still have to get through the long guest list line and to the door in time to not have to pay cover.

Out of the three website above, I’ve found discotech’s guestlist details to be the most accurate and up to date. JackColton and nocovernightclub details are usually too generous in regards to what time you have to show up at and the rules regarding males. So download the discotech app, and make sure to show up on time and with the right expectations. Nothing worse than thinking you’re about to get in free and they try to hit you with a 70$/person cover.

The best things about using these sites is that you don’t have to hunt down a bunch of promoters for each venue you’re considering for the night. You can add your name to 5 different clubs and decide later which one you want to go to. The website gets paid for each name they bring into the club that night (around $2/each). The reason clubs will do this is because the guys dropping thousands of dollars for a table don’t want to show up at midnight to an empty nightclub. So it’s a win/win for everyone. You get in free, they have people in the club, so when the big spenders show up there’s a party going on.

On the other hand while these sites are convenient, you’re still better off dealing with a promoter who works at the club you want to go versus using an online guest list. First reason is that you have a contact when you show up, and if they’re trying to charge you more than what was promised you can have them help. Second is that promoters can get you free drinks or open bar time that signing up online won’t get you.

The best way to go about guest listing is go online and figure out where you want to go out that night, then check out the discotech website/app and see what the restrictions are regarding your group. If it fits within your plans/budget, then google the club name and promoter and see if you can find someone who works for the club. Tell them your group size and m/f ratio and see what they can do for you and get on their guestlist. They also get paid to bring people into the club, so they’ll want to help you out as much as they’re able to.

Here’s a list of promoters for most of the major clubs: Promoters