identityMost people aren’t aware that spending a lot of money at a Las Vegas pool party or a night club can earn you comps with the associated casino resort. Some of the benefits are pretty weak (MGM) but others (The Cosmo) can be quite generous. Below I’ll break down how each works and why you should definitely sign up for a players card if you’re going to be spending any significant amount of money on table service.


Marquee Dayclub/Nightclub & The Cosmopolitan

By far and away the best resort comp returns you will get on spending money at a club is at Marquee. First make sure you sign up for Identity, which is Cosmo’s rewards club.

If you’re staying at The Cosmo the best thing is just charge your Marquee bill to your room. Since you’re already in the system they will automatically credit the associated points and comps based on your spend. If you’re staying somewhere else, keep your receipt and take it to the Identity desk on the Casino floor with your card and ask them to credit you.

The way Identity works for spending money in the resort is they give you 5 points for every $1 spent. You can then spend those points on rooms, restaurants, gifts shop purchases, etc. Basically anything inside The Cosmopolitan resort. Each point is worth $0.01 so essentially they’re giving you 5% back on any purchases you make.

Spend $2000 on your table at Marquee? That gets you 10000 points or $100 in resort spend. That’s already better than any other resort will give you in Vegas.

In addition to giving you points for spending at Marquee, you will also accumulate tier points. Tier points can’t be spent, but what they do is help you get higher status in the Identity club. When you sign up you’re at Silver level. To get to Sterling you need 4000 tier points. Sterling gets you one free night at The Cosmopolitan per year as well as free parking and some other small perks.

That means if you spend $800 at Marquee you will get $40 in resort spend plus a free night on your next trip to Vegas.

The next level up is Gold which gets you two free room nights, two free companion room nights, no resort fees, and more. Gold is at 20,000 tier points so $4000 in spending.

Platinum is at 50,000 points, or $10,000 spend, and gives you all the gold benefits plus extras like a $250 resort credit and airport transportation. At this level the comps become much more discretionary, and I’m not sure how much extra they’ll comp you if you’ve reached this status through spending at Marquee rather than through gambling.

More info about the Identity program can be found here:


Drais Beach Club/Nightclub/After Hours & Caesars Entertainment

After The Cosmo there is a big drop off on how much you get back for spending big on nightlife. Caesars rewards program is called Total Rewards. Similar to Identity it also has both reward points, which are spendable at all Caesars properties, and tier credits, which will raise your status.

The base level at TR is gold. At 5000 tier credits you get Platinum, 15k is Diamond and 150k is Seven Stars. Total Rewards will credit you 1 reward point and 1 tier credit for every $1 spent. Each reward point is worth $0.01 so instead of 5% back at the Cosmo, you only get 1% back at Caesars.

Spend $5000 on a table at Drais? Get $50 back. Not so great.

Getting status at TR does come with some benefits though. Platinum is pretty much worth nothing. You can skip some lines and get free self parking around Vegas and AC. If you can get to diamond though it comes with some ok perks,

Diamond members don’t have to pay resort fees, get a $100 dinner voucher, and the best is you can enter diamond lounges which have snacks and free alcohol! You can get diamond by only spending $5000 instead of $15k because TR gives you bonus tier credits if you hit certain levels in one day.

Spending $1000 gets you 1000 tier credits plus a bonus 1000 so 2000 total.

Spending $2500 gets you 2500 tier credits plus a bonus 5000 so 7500 total. Which is Platinum in one day!

Spending $5000 gets you 5000 tier credits plus a bonus 10,000 so 15,000 total. Which is Diamond in one day!

So while the return is not nearly as good as with Identity, it can be worth a trip to the Total Rewards desk to give them your receipt if you run up a decent bill at any of the Drais clubs. Status at Total Rewards lasts for the year that you earn it plus the following year and one extra month. So if you hit diamond in February 2018 you get to keep it until January 31, 2020.

Note: Caesars does not give points for spend at Omnia. I’m not positive about Chateau.

For more info on Total Rewards:


Hakkasan, Wet Republic, Jewel, Light, Liquid & MGM

Going to make this brief because MGM gives almost no direct value to nightclub spend. M life is MGM’s reward program and they don’t give you any points for spending money at their resorts. The only thing you get is 25 tier credits for every $1 spent. Tier credits only get you higher status but cannot be spent.

Sapphire is the base level. Pearl is at 25k points. Gold is 75k. Platinum is 200k. Noir is by invite only.

The main benefit to higher MGM status is cutting lines and not much else. Priority line at front desk when checking in, line at the buffet and the taxi line.

The only other potential benefit to getting credited for your nightlife spend is you may get hotel room and resort credit offers based on how much you spend. I don’t know much about how they value nightlife spending but it doesn’t hurt to try.

Mlife overview:


Encore Beach Club, Surrender, XS, Intrigue & Wynn/Encore

As far as I know you get no benefits on Wynn’s Red card for spending on entertainment. Like Mlife though it may be possible to receive email offers for rooms and resort spend if they log your receipts, so again it might be worth a try.


The Cosmopolitan is by far the best return you will get for your table spend, but since they’re all free you might as well try to get what you can from each of the properties. If you gamble at all you can add to the comps you are already being offered from each of the programs.


– Hax