Location: Wynn

Tier: 2 ($$$)

Good for general admission? Yeah

Re-entry allowed? Yes

Decent table prices start: $1500+ all in

Open: Thu/Fri/Sat

The Lowdown

Intrigue is the new kid on the block in the Las Vegas clubbing world. Intrigue has picked up where Tryst left off. With a redesign, upgraded visuals, more exclusivity, and a focus on customer experience rather name big named DJs, Intrigue was supposed to give Vegas club goers a brand new experience that you can’t get anywhere else.

If you ever went to Tryst in the past, Intrigue won’t actually seem all that different though. They did some upgrades, but overall it kinda still feels like the old Tryst. Which isn’t a bad thing, just not all that exciting for being the new Wynn club. They added flames to the waterfall, better light shows, and an exclusive room for ballers and celebs where you can’t use your phone. Free pizza and cotton candy have been known to get passed around to partiers.

Intrigue fits in a similar category to Hyde at the Bellagio. A smaller sized club, at one of the premier hotels. It attracts a better looking crowd, in a slightly more exclusive environment. They got rid of the bottle deals that Tryst was well known for. Prices are similar to what you would find next door at XS. In the end it’s still a nightclub where you can buy a ticket for $20, so don’t expect anything too fancy.


The Venue


Entrance top left. Dance floor center. Terrace surrounds the waterfall and fountains.

Intrigue has a great layout which feels intimate yet open. To your left when you walk in is the main bar. In front will be a pathway to the dance floor. You will be facing the DJ with the waterfall and fountains as a pretty sweet backdrop.

To the left and right will be a walkway to the terraces. There’s great views from every angle of the club even outside.The club never feels too full even at max capacity and the terraces give a great space to relax.



Getting In

First check out my guide: Nightclubs: How Do I Get In?? 

Getting into Intrigue follows the same rules as the other high end Vegas nightclubs. Since Intrigue tries to act a little more exclusive than others, I would bust out one of your better fits for the night.

Tickets: Standard price is 20/30 F/M. Line is fast and easy.

Guestlist: Even on weekends, if your group ratio is even or better M/F, you can get free entry to Intrigue. Lines move well so this should be your first choice if you aren’t a group of guys.

Hotel guests: Can buy passes through the hotel but there’s no point just get regular tickets or guestlist.

Wynn Red Card: No special privileges that I know of.


Bottle Service

Bottle service at Intrigue is recommended. They have a great layout inside, so there really aren’t any bad tables. Unlike other clubs being outside doesn’t feel disconnected from the main room, so that’s a lower cost option you can consider.

Below I’ll give you the range of prices you can expect to pay for tables at Intrigue. Min will be table minimums. All in means taxes, fees, handshake and all tips included. Low end prices are for regular nights and upper end will be for holidays and special events.


Main Room: Like most clubs the best and most expensive tables are around the dance floor. Intrigue is no different. Really though because it’s not a huge club there aren’t any bad value tables. Even being on the terrace you have good views, and the pyrotechnics on the fountains are cool.

  • Main Dance Floor (#31-34): Min: 4-5k, All in: 5.6-7k
  • Side Dance Floor (#30, 35): Min: 2.5-3, All in: 3.5-4.3
  • Tier 2 (#40-47): Min: 1.5-2, All in: 2.2-3
  • Tier 3 (#50-66): Min: 1-2, All in: 1.5-2.8
  • Immediate Booth Patio (#20-21, 70-73): Min: 1-2, All in: 1.5-2.8
  • Immediate Booth Table (#22-24, 75-78): Min: 600-1.5, All in: 1000-2.2
  • Exterior Patio (#10-14, 80-87): Min: 600-1000, All in: 1000-1.5

Table tips:

  • Most tables at Intrigue are smaller and meant for 6 people.
  • Some Tier 3 tables are better than Tier 2s. Better to be more center than the sides.
  • Most nights outside will be a 1 bottle minimum, inside 2.
  • No bottle deals like the Tryst days and prices are on par with Tier 1 clubs.
  • Spend $20,000 in one night and you get invited to the super exclusive private room!