Location: Aria

Tier: 2 ($$$)

Good for general admission? NO

Re-entry allowed? No

Decent table prices start: $3000+ all in

Open: Mon/Fri/Sat

The Lowdown

Jewel is the newest nightclub in Vegas. Taking over the space of the short lived Haze, Jewel reopened the doors in May 2016. The club is run by Hakkasan Group which can be either a negative or positive depending on who you ask. While it gives Jewel access to all the big name DJs that play at Hakkasan and Omnia, it also has downsides like not being friendly for general admission guests.

Unlike like Hak and Omnia, which are almost entirely EDM focused, Jewel plays more open format music. Haze, which was previously in the space, got a bad reputation for it’s crowd. As hard as Jewel has tried to distance themselves from that rep, it seems as though they haven’t been able to rid themselves of it entirely. So even though Jewel is solidly a Tier 2 club because of it’s visuals, high table minimums, and headliners, do not expect the same crowd that you will see at Marquee or a Wynn club.

For my money Jewel is almost always a pass. Without a table there’s very little room, no seating and no outdoors space or side rooms to explore. Unless you’re on the dance floor, which isn’t that big, you’ll pretty much be hanging out by the bar. Hakkasan Group just doesn’t build clubs for GA guests.

For the cost of table service at Jewel I think there’s almost always a better option somewhere else in town. The tables are small, they have tiny medians so you’ll be fighting with your neighbors over space, and the prices are just shy of what you would pay at a Tier 1 club. Unless there is someone at Jewel you really want to see, or you’ve done every other nightclub in Vegas, I would pick somewhere else.


The Venue


First level of Jewel. Tables surround the dance floor. GA space in back by the bar.

Jewel has a pretty simple arena style layout focused around the dance floor and DJ. The tables in back are slightly raised so there really isn’t a bad view from anywhere in the club. The better tables are closer to the dance floor but it’s not as dramatic a drop off from each tier like it is at Hakkasan and Omnia.



Mezzanine of Jewel. A bar with a few tables in the middle. Skyboxes on the sides.

The Mezzanine level over looks the first level. The upstairs bar area is actually the best place to hang out if you don’t have a table. There’s no tables there and some space, so you can have a drink and watch the madness below. There are five private suites for bigger groups on the sides, and a few tables to the left of the bar area.

Getting In

First check out my guide: Nightclubs: How Do I Get In?? 

Getting into Jewel follows the same rules as the other high end Vegas nightclubs. The entrance can be chaotic later at night so I recommend getting there early.

Tickets: $20/30 F/M is standard.

Guestlist: Can be done with even or better ratios. Arrive early.

Hotel guests: If you are staying at Aria you can get free entrance if you arrive early.

M Life: As far as I know there is no special treatment.


Bottle Service

Like the other Hakkasan Group clubs, general admission guests are an afterthought at Jewel. Tables dominate the space, and since it’s not a huge club, as long as you’re downstairs there really is no bad table.

Below I’ll give you the range of prices you can expect to pay for tables at Jewel. Min will be table minimums. All in means taxes, fees, handshake and all tips included. Low end prices are for normal night and high end will be for holiday weekends and big name headliners.



1st Floor: The first floor is the only place to be. All the tables are good so don’t feel the need to overspend just to get one row closer to the dance floor

  • Dance Floor (#11-15, 51-52): Min: 4-5k, All in: 5.6-7k
  • DJ Tables (3-4B): Min: 4-5, All in: 5.6-7
  • Tier 2 (#2, 21-25, 61-63): Min: 2.5-4, All in: 3-5.6
  • Tier 3 (#31-35, 64): Min: 2-3, All in: 3-4.3
  • Tier 4 (#1A/B, 41-44, 71-72): Min: 1.5-3, All in: 2.2-4.3



Mezzanine and Skyboxes: I would really avoid these tables unless you want to be away from the action.

  • Mezzanine Tables (#201-203): Min: 600-1000, All in:1000-1500
  • Suites: Not really sure but I’d guess minimums would start like 2-3k+

Table tips:

  • The only tables downstairs I don’t like is 1A/B. Pretty far from the dance floor and bad angle of the DJ.
  • Tables in the center and left have the most traffic. 20/30/40s better than 60/70s.
  • Avoid the Mezzanine. If you do end up there make sure you get 202/203. 201 you can barely even see downstairs. Worst tables in the club.
  • Jewel tables are bad for big groups. Most tables are for 4-8 people.