Location: Venetian

Tier: 3 ($$$)

Good for general admission? OK

Re-entry allowed? Depends on how busy it is

Decent table prices start: $1600+ all in

Open: Thu/Fri/Sat

The Lowdown

As much as things change in the Las Vegas clubbing scene, one venue you can always count on is TAO. Even though it’s been open since 2005, and doesn’t pay for big name DJs, TAO still draws a consistent crowd. Thursday nights in Vegas used to belong to TAO. Now they get competition from Hakkasan and Drais. Though it may not be the number one choice anymore, it’s still a legit option in the Vegas clubbing scene.

TAO tends to have more top 40 and open format DJs if you prefer that to EDM. Maybe it’s because of the asian theme of the club, but the clientele skews a bit more asian than other Vegas nightclubs. TAO is also known for their models dancing and bathing in tubs. If you’re into that kinda thing.

I find TAO to be a nice change of scenery. Its design is a bit awkward, as they have a lot of tables in random places not near the dance floor. But there’s plenty of space to check out, especially when the outdoor pool section is ope during the summer. The scene outside the club can be a bit confusing, so be patient and get there early. Expect to wait unless you have a table.


The Venue


Main room of TAO. 

If you’ve only been to the Tier 1 and 2 clubs in Vegas, the inside of TAO will seem a bit strange. Instead of the normal stadium style design, where all the tables surround the dance floor and DJ, TAO is a bit disjointed in its layout. The best areas to be are on the dance floor or the upper moat. That’s pretty much the only places to get a good view of the DJ.

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 11.46.09 PM.png

The Opium Room. Connects to the main room through the Voyeur Hallway.

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 11.47.41 PM.png

Pool Area of TAO.

The walkway areas on the ground floor, and space around the island bar will usually get pretty full. For some relief you can head outside to the pool if it’s open, check out the other DJ in the Opium Room or chill out in the Lounge. There’s also a mezzanine level with some skybox tables that overlook the club.

Getting In

First check out my guide: Nightclubs: How Do I Get In?? 

Getting into TAO is pretty standard and follows the same rules as the other high end Vegas nightclubs. It’s a bit chaotic compared to some of the newer clubs, so be prepare to wait.

Tickets: Standard price is $20+

Guestlist: The Guestlist line can be long at TAO so get there early.

Hotel guests: Venetian and Palazzo guests can get either free or discounted entry. Find out from someone at the club, or hotel concierge, earlier in the day if you’re plan is to go later that night.

Club Grazie: As far as I know, no special privileges.

Bottle Service

TAO can be fun in general admission, but the two best areas of the club are dominated by table space. If it’s in your budget getting a table either area is worth it. Not having to deal with the chaos of TAO’s entry only sweetens the deal.

Below I’ll give you the range of prices you can expect to pay for tables at TAO. Min will be table minimums. All in means taxes, fees, handshake and all tips included. Prices tend to not to fluctuate as much at TAO as other club. Usually only holiday weekends are inflated.

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 11.30.47 AM.png

Main Room and Mezzanine: You want to be in the main room at TAO if you’re getting a table. No point in spending all that money to be away from the action. Dance floor or Upper Moat has the best tables and only views of the DJ.

  • Dance Floor Large Table (#23, 50, 52-53, 55-56, 60, 63-64): Min: 2.5-3k, All in: 3.7-4.3k
  • Dance Floor Small Table (#51, 54, 61): Min: 1.5-2, All in: 2.2-2.8
  • Upper Moat Large Table (#30, 32-33, 35-36, 38, 40-44): Min: 2-2.5, All in: 2.8-3.7
  • Upper Moat Small Table (#1-3, 31, 34, 37): Min: 1000, All in: 1500
  • Back Wall Large Table (#20-22): Min: 1-1.5, All in: 1.4-2.2
  • Back Wall Small Table (#70-74): Min: 500-1000, All in: 800-1.5
  • Mezzanine (#10-14, 80-83): Min: 500-1000, All in: 800-1.5
  • Voyeur Hallway (not pictured): Min: 500, All in: 800

Opium Room, Lounge, Pool: If it’s a super busy weekend you could consider going in the Opium Room since they have their own DJ and dance floor. The lounge I would just avoid unless you want a place to hang out in between dancing sessions in the main room. If you have a very large group (20+) you could get a cabana, outside otherwise I wouldn’t choose to be out there. I don’t really know prices for these areas but should be low mins.

  • Tables: Min: 500-1000, All in: 800-1.5
  • Cabana: Min: 1-2, All in: 1.5-3

Table tips:

  • Take a dance floor table if you want the most action.
  • Best overall tables are the 40’s in the Upper Moat. A little more space than DF and you have the platform right in front of you for girls to dance on. Great views.
  • Mezzanine tables are very isolated.
  • Large tables are for 10-12 people, small tables for 4-6.