Location: Encore (same location as Encore Beach Club)

Tier: 3 ($$$)

Good for general admission? Yes

Re-entry allowed? Yes

Decent table prices start: $2000+ all in

Open: Wed/Fri/Sat

The Lowdown

I think Surrender is the most underrated nightclub in Vegas. If you include all the outdoor space of Encore Beach Club, its size would rival the Tier 1 clubs. But since the indoor part of the club is so small, and they don’t get nearly the same size crowd, it has an intimacy to it that you can’t get elsewhere.

Surrender benefits from sharing headliners with EBC. Normally you would only find their top DJs at bigger venues, but at Surrender you can see them in a much smaller setting. You get the mega club energy and atmosphere while paying Tier 3 prices.

Depending on who you ask, Surrender’s unusual layout offers something for each person. Wanna be in the heart of the action? Go inside and you’ll barely be able to move. Like seeing the DJ yet having some space to dance? Stay right outside the entrance or on the platform. Wanna stay back and talk with your group? Plenty of space outside. No matter what you’re looking for, Surrender will be a great time.



The Venue

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 10.24.26 AM.png

Inside at the bottom. Platform center. Gaming tables in back.

The inside of Surrender is kind of an unusual layout. The DJ is at the very back wall. Facing out from the DJ table, there is a bar all along the right side, tables lining the left wall and then some awkwardly placed tables running down the middle of the room. The U shape leaves very little room inside for anyone who doesn’t have a table, which means it gets PACKED when the headliner comes on. For many people it’s too intense. That’s why a lot of people don’t consider the best tables to be the ones closest to the DJ.

Outside you have a platform that is placed over the center part of the pool. At the front end of the platform is a great area to be. You can see the DJ and get the energy from inside, but you still have space to move around and dance. This is the best location if you have a big group.

At the opposite end of the main room you have some gaming tables and a bar. To get out of the inside madness, or if you would rather have some space to yourself, this is where you will be hanging out. Other than that, you can’t go swimming unless it’s EBC at night, but you can roam around the pool area freely.


Getting In

First check out my guide: Nightclubs: How Do I Get In?? 

Getting into Surrender is pretty standard and follows the same rules as the other high end Vegas nightclubs. Not too many options beyond what I cover in the article.

Tickets: Standard price is $25/35+ for F/M.

Guestlist: Since it’s such a big venue, and they rarely fill it, if you have an even F/M ratio or better, you can probably guestlist even on weekends.

Hotel guests: If you are staying at Wynn/Encore you can purchase tickets from the concierge that allows you expedited entry. Usually these tickets are $10-30 more than the website prices, and the ticket line at Surrender is pretty efficient, so I don’t recommend it.

Wynn Red Card: As far as I know, no special privileges.

Bottle Service

As I covered above, Surrender is a great club for general admission, but with low minimums and bottle deals, I would recommend getting a table if it’s in your budget.

Below I’ll give you the range of prices you can expect to pay for tables at Surrender. Min will be table minimums. All in means taxes, fees, handshake and all tips included. Low end prices are for lesser known DJs and upper end will be for big names and holidays.




Inside: The inside of Surrender is tiny. There’s very few choices of tables, and unlike most clubs, the tables closest to the DJ and dance floor aren’t necessarily the best. The further inside you go, the more intense it’s going to be.

  • U Booth (#5-10): Min: 3-5k, All in: 4.3-7k
  • Large Table (#3-4A): Min: 2.5-4, All in: 3.5-5.6
  • Small/Med Table (#1, 21-25): Min: 1.5-3, All in: 2.2-4.3


Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 11.03.06 AM.png

Outside: The pool area has a lot more tables options. The one’s closer to the inside room are considered the best, but if you want some space the tables in back might be a better option.

  • Just Outside (#30-33): Min: 1.5-2k, All in: 2.2-3k
  • Large Platform (#40-42,57-59): Min: 1.5-2, All in: 2.2-3
  • Medium Platform (#43-56): Min: 1-1.2, All in: 1.5-1.8
  • Small Platform (#60-62): Min: 600-850, All in: 1000-1300
  • Gaming (#G1-8): Min: 1-1.2, All in: 1.5-1.8
  • Bungalow (#B1-4): Min: 4-5, All in: 5.6-7
  • Cabana (#100-113): Min: 2k, All in: 3k

Table tips:

  • Ask your host about bottle deals even on the weekend. Usually you cant select what bottles, but last year we got two magnums, with water and red bull, for $1500. Specials and prices change every year, but that was a steal for a weekend night in Vegas.
  • If you still want to be in the action but not overwhelmed, I highly recommend the 30’s and Large Platform tables which are just outside. Many consider these the best tables at Surrender.
  • Back of the platform, gaming, cabanas and bungalows will be very chill.
  • I’ve mentioned it throughout, but final warning… if you get a table inside, be ready for the intensity!!