Location: Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Tier: 2 ($$$)

Good for general admission? Yes

Re-entry allowed? Yes

Decent table prices start: $2500+ all in

Open: Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon

The Lowdown

Marquee may not cost as much as the three Tier 1 clubs, but the experience you will have is second to none. Tao group, which owns Marquee, made the decision not to try and compete with Hakkasan and Omnia on buying up the biggest named DJs. Instead they focus on providing great customer service, and making sure everyone has a great experience. This buys them a lot of loyalty from Vegas veterans.

That’s not to say they don’t have great headliners, they just don’t pay for the biggest names. Honestly a lot of times it makes for an even better party. Guys like Calvin Harris and David Guetta really aren’t worth spending any money to see perform (except they attract the most girls). They pretty much press play and stand there. Marquee focuses more on DJs with loyal followings who know how to captivate an audience.

Marquee is well designed and a great option for both bottle service and general admission. The main room can get packed on popular nights but there’s plenty of space to explore. In addition to re-entry, they also have free water outside which is rare for a Vegas nightclub. Being located in The Cosmo guarantees that the crowd is always on point. Marquee is always a great choice for a night out in Vegas.


The Venue


Main room of Marquee. Entrance from left by table 40.

The main room at Marquee is a pretty simple arena style layout focused around the dance floor and DJ. The best tables immediately surround the dance floor then there is walking paths before the back wall tables. The cloud bar connects the main room to the outdoors.



Boom Box room located downstairs. Library upstairs.

If you want to escape the chaos of the main room at Marquee the Library and Boom Box provide some relief. Boom Box has a DJ and small dance floor with tables around. The library is the least congested way to get a drink and have a chat. Pool table available if you’re in the mood for a game.


Outside of Marquee. 

Leaving the main room through cloud bar will open you up to the pool area where Marquee Dayclub goes down. Outside switches up between having their own DJ or having a video and sound come from the main room. A good place to get some relief from inside. During winter months they have a dome over the pool area so it’s open year round. Only place in Vegas with such a setup.

Getting In

First check out my guide: Nightclubs: How Do I Get In?? 

Getting into Marquee follows the same rules as the other high end Vegas nightclubs. In addition they have a few different options for general attendance entry that may work for you.

Weekend all access wristbands: If you want to attend multiple events at Marquee on one weekend this may be a good option for you. You buy a wristband that gives you access to every event at Marquee Nightclub and Dayclub from Friday-Monday. Prices vary but usually $30/80 for M/F. Higher for popular weekends.

Hotel guests: If you are staying at Marquee, you get free entrance to the club on Mondays and Fridays if you arrive before 11pm. Sometimes it can work on Sat/Sun but I recommend getting there even earlier if you’re going to try.

Identity status: As far as I know there is no special treatment for having Identity status.

Re-entry: If you’re hanging around the Cosmopolitan I recommend going early to Marquee and getting stamped. You can always leave and come back through the re-entry line which moves very fast. Lines at Marquee usually aren’t that bad anyways but this can save you some time.

Bottle Service

Though Marquee is my second favorite club for GA (behind XS), it’s still always better to do bottle service if it’s within your budget.

Below I’ll give you the range of prices you can expect to pay for tables at Marquee. Min will be table minimums. All in means taxes, fees, handshake and all tips included. Low end prices are for lesser known DJs and high end will be for holiday weekends. More than other Vegas clubs, Marquee will have a random night be very expensive, so always contact a host for up to date costs.


Main Room: The main room is where you want to be in Marquee. Compared to the Tier 1 clubs, getting in the main room of Marquee is considerably less painful on your bank account. Though cheaper the experience can be just as crazy. It gets super busy on holiday weekends and big headliners and having a Tier 1 or 2 table is a guaranteed great time.

  • Dance Floor (#50-65): Min: 3-7k, All in: 4.5-10k
  • Tier 2 (#30-47): Min: 2-6, All in: 3-8.5
  • Tier 3 (#20-26, 70, 80-95): Min: 1.5-5, All in: 2.2-7
  • Cloud Bar/Long Bar (#71-74): Min: 1-2, All in: 1.5-3

Boom Box Room and Library: If you’re looking to be inside but not be in the heart of the action then the side rooms give you some affordable choices. It won’t feel like you are at Marquee at all so know what you’re signing up for with a table in the Boom Box or Library.

  • Boom Box Room (#100-111): Min: 500-1.5, All in: 800-2.2
  • Library (#101-8,151-8): Min: 500-1000, All in: 800-1.5

Outside: Being outside is another option if your budget doesn’t get you in the main room. All things being equal I would rather have a table outside than in the side rooms, especially if you can be towards the main room entrance.

  • Tables: Min: 500-1.5, All in: 800-2.2
  • Cabanas: Min: 1.5-2, All in: 2.2-3

Table tips:

  • I think Marquee tables are some of the best value in Vegas. Main room is considerably cheaper than similar tables at Hakassan/Omnia/XS, and the experience can be every bit as fun.
  • The 80s and 90s Tier 3 tables can get very packed so not recommended if you have a larger group.
  • It’s usually worth paying to Tier 3 from Cloud or Long Bar because you can’t see the DJ.
  • Most tables are for 4-10 people.