On Friday and Saturday nights every nightclub in Vegas is open and poppin’. But what if you want to go out on a Tuesday??

Well your options are much more limited. Weekday nights are also referred to as industry nights, and there will usually be one club that owns that particular night of the week. With so many options in Vegas these days at least one other club will be open to check out as well. Look out for specials on bottles and lower table minimums during the week.

Note: Clubs sometimes change days throughout the year, especially from summer to winter when Vegas isn’t as busy. Double check that the clubs are open. Updated November 2017.

Sunday: Hakkasan is the top choice. The exception is when XS has Nightswim over the summer months. Drais is open but popularity will depend on who’s performing. The Bank used to be the place Sunday nights but now probably pretty chill.

Monday: Marquee and Jewel are both good options. XS is not open over the winters.

Tuesday: Tuesday’s belong to Omnia. Hyde on Tuesday is quieter but always fun.

Wednesday: Light, 1Oak, Hyde are your choices. Chateau may also be open. Surrender has been shut down for now.

Thursday: Hakkasan again is the most popular. Drais can be solid depending on who’s performing. Tao and Intrigue are also good options on Thursdays.