In this post I will try to give you some advice on which table locations around Las Vegas give you the best bang for your buck. Mostly this will focus on being in the heart of the action. I want you to feel like you had a truly special Vegas nightclub experience and make it as easy as possible to meet people. Price ranges are for all in, not table minimums.

If you’re not looking to be in the madness, or are a bunch of couples then this post won’t be of any help.


If you can afford to spend five figures on a night in Vegas then you pretty much have no restrictions on where you can go. Some holiday weekends and special events you might have to go up to 15-20k for the best tables but usually 12k will get you wherever you want to be.

At this level there’s really only two options: lower dance floor table at either Omnia or Hakkasan.

The ridiculousness of being  at a dance floor table at either club cannot be beat. Do it if you can and prepare for the best night out you can have at a club in Vegas.


Outside of the two options above this price point allows you to have almost any other table in town. All are guaranteed to be a great night.

Depending on personal preference of club, and performer for the night, I would choose between: upper dance floor table at Omnia or Hakkasan, or lower dance floor table at XS or Marquee.


Here is where things get a little bit trickier. At Omnia and Hak this will drop you back to Tier 3 tables, which isn’t nearly as fun as being at the dance floor. You’ll still be in the main room though which is important.

XS upper dance floor or Marquee lower dance floor would probably be my first picks at this price point. Otherwise you can get one of the best tables at any Tier 2 or Tier 3 club. I would recommend a dance floor table at Drais, Jewel, Light or inside at Surrender over the others. Who the headliner is would be my tiebreaker between those four.


This is where your options become more limited. For me the big stay aways at this price are the side rooms, outdoor areas and mezzanines at Tier 1 clubs. I’ll tell you the best table for each club below:

  • Omnia: Probably just a skip at this price. Can’t get main room, other tables aren’t worth it.
  • Hakkasan: Tier 4 tables if you can. Otherwise front row pavilion. Other locations no good.
  • XS: Back wall tables.
  • Marquee: Upper dance floor. My favorite option at this price.
  • Can also get a dance floor table, or as close to it as you can at: Hyde, Drais, Intrigue, Jewel, Surrender, Light or Tao.


This is pretty much the get in price point for a table in Las Vegas unless you can find a unpopular club to give you a one bottle minimum. I would skip all three Tier 1 clubs.

  • Marquee: Tier 3/back wall.
  • Drais: anywhere inside will be fun.
  • Hyde: all their tables are pretty good.
  • Intrigue: if you can be in main area.
  • Jewel: first floor only.
  • Surrender: first tables outside.
  • Tao: Near the dance floor

Not all of these locations will be available at this cost if it’s a popular night so call around. Any other club not mentioned you can probably get the best table if you’re willing to part with $3000.


Hit me up if you need any more help deciding.