Location: MGM

Tier: 1 ($$$$)

Good for general admission? Nope. The worst in Las Vegas

Re-entry allowed? Sometimes. Depends on how busy it is

Decent table prices start: $4000+ all in

Open: Tue/Fri/Sat/Sun

The Lowdown

Hakkasan is one of the three Tier 1 nightclubs in Vegas, it is also the most polarizing. If you go to any of the popular online review sites (yelp/trip advisor), Hakkasan will be rated as one of the worst nightclubs in the city. The reason is because Hak was not built with the average party goer in mind. It is set up for those who spend the most money to have a ridiculous night, while everyone else is little more than a afterthought. Though it claims over 80,000 sq feet of space, when you’re inside you would never guess. They pack in so many general admission people that the main room feels like you’re in a giant jar of jelly beans.

On the other hand Hakkasan has some of the world’s biggest artists performing every weekend. Being on the dance floor or a nearby table is guaranteed to be one of the best nights you’ll have in Vegas. For some Vegas veterans it’s by far their favorite place to party. Besides the craziness of the main room there is also an attached pavilion area, the mezzanine a floor above looking over the club and the Ling Ling Room a floor below.

The story of Hakkasan’s beginnings is as ridiculous as the club itself. Legend goes that a billionaire from the Middle East, who was a regular at XS, showed up one night and demanded his usual table. Someone else happened to have the table reserved that night and the club refused to kick them out. Having felt disrespected he vowed to build the biggest and best club in the world to put XS out of business. Alas Hakkasan was born!


The Venue


Main floor of Hakkasan. Entrance on right in red, main room in blue, pavilion in green.

Despite the most square footage of any nightclub in Las Vegas, the design and narrow walkways make Hakkasan feel very intimate (or very congested if you’re in GA). When you walk in you’re immediately facing the main floor and DJ. You’ll notice the main room is jam packed with tables and very little room otherwise. The bar will be to your left. To the right is the pavilion which is likewise very full of tables. It is separated from the main room by an LED wall. It feels disconnected to the main room when you’re in there.



Second floor overlooking main floor. Mezzanine tables in blue.

Upstairs is the mezzanine level which looks over the main room. There’s a bunch of tables along the balcony, a bar on the left side and not much else. Good place to get a decent view and usually less crowded than downstairs.


Ling Ling Room in yellow. One floor down from main club.

Down from the main club is the Ling Ling Club and Lounge. It’s like an entirely different club versus upstairs. Mainly focused on hip hop or open format music it’s much more chill than upstairs. A bunch of tables with a dance floor and DJ in the club. There’s a bar in back to the right. The lounge is a quieter, intimate place with no DJ.


Getting In

First check out my guide: Nightclubs: How Do I Get In?? 

Getting into Hakkasan pretty much follows the same rules as the other high end Vegas nightclub. The one other option I know is their VIP bar card.

VIP bar card: Hakkasan and Omnia both offer this option. Essentially instead of paying around $30 for a presale ticket, you can pay $100 for a bar card that includes the price of admission plus $100 worth of drinks at the bar. Most people plan on having a few drinks inside anyways, usually at $20 each, so it’s probably better than tickets for most people.

Note that you have to arrive before midnight to pick your card and be guaranteed entry. There’s no cancelation or transfers, so only buy it if you are sure of your plan. The entrance at Hakkasan can be a bit of a mess but buyers of the VIP card have their own line, which is usually very quick. It works a little better than Omnia, but the earlier you arrive the better.

Hotel guests: As far as I know there is no special treatment for guests of MGM.

Mlife status: No benefits.

Bottle Service

Getting bottle service is the only way to do Hakkasan. General admission is usually such a miserable experience that I won’t go without a table.

Below I’ll give you what range of prices you can expect to pay for all the tables at Hakkasan. Prices will be table minimums. All in means taxes, fees, handshake and all tips included. Low end prices are for lesser known DJs and weekdays, high end is for Tiesto & holidays. Check the layouts above for table numbers.

Main Room and Mezzanine: The dance floor tables at Hakkasan can only be matched by the same ones at Omnia. If your budget is 10k+ you won’t be disappointed with your experience at Hakkasan. The way the dance floor and surrounding tables are designed makes it feel more intimate than other mega clubs. Being at a table in the main room is the only worthwhile experience to have in Hakkasan, otherwise you’re money can be spent better elsewhere.

  • Lower Dance Floor (#11-14, 51-54): Min: 5-12k, All in: 7.5-17k
  • Upper Dance Floor (#21-25, 61-65): Min: 4-8, All in: 6-11.5
  • Stage (#1-4): Min: 5-10, All in: 7.5-14
  • Tier 3 (#31-36): Min: 3.5-6, All in: 5-8.5
  • Tier 4 (#41-43): Min: 3-5, All in: 4.5-7
  • Mezzanine (#511-521): Min: 1.5-4, All in: 2.5-5.5

Pavilion and Ling Ling: If you don’t want to pay up for a table in the main room your other options are the pavilion or Ling Ling Room. I really don’t recommend getting a table in these side rooms though. They are totally disconnected from the main club with the one exception being the front row pavilion tables (#461-464). If you don’t care about seeing the main performer, or want a more chill night, then these rooms are fine options.

  • Pavilion (#411-465): Min: 1.5-3, All in: 2.3-4.3
  • Ling Ling (#101-8,151-8): Min: 1-2.5, All in: 1.6-3.7

Table tips:

  • I really only recommend tables in the main room and the front row pavilion tables. For the price of tables in the pavilion or Ling Ling you can get in the main room at a Tier 2 club and have a much better experience.
  • There’s a big drop off from the upper dance floor tables to Tier 3 tables.
  • Only take a mezzanine table over downstairs if your group prefers to have a little more privacy and stick together. If you prefer more action and easier time meeting girls, go downstairs. Mezzanine does has great views of the club though.
  • Most tables are for 6-12 people.


That’s pretty much everything you need to know.