Location: Caesars Palace

Tier: 1 ($$$$)

Good for general admission? Depends on the night but usually OK

Re-entry allowed? No

Decent table prices start: $6000+ all in

Open: Tue/Fri/Sat entire club, Sun/Thu usually just the terrace or Heart of Omnia

The Lowdown

Of the three tier 1s in Vegas, Omnia is the newest and hottest club on scene. Taking over the space that used to be home to Pure and doubling its size, Omnia has set the bar for what a nightclub can be. The club starts with an enormous main room that hosts many of the world’s most famous DJs. The focus of the entire club is on the spaceship chandelier, with eight concentric rings and thousands of LEDs that all dance in sync to the music. Heart of Omnia is a ‘side’ room that could be a club all on its own mainly focused on hip hop. Add in the best outdoor space in the city, and together they make up the most impressive nightlife venue in all of Las Vegas. If you really want an over the top Vegas nightlife experience, Omnia is the place to go.

The Venue


First floor of Omnia. Entrance from the left in orange, main room in blue, Heart in red

Omnia in total size is a ridiculous 75,000 sq feet. The main room is 4 stories tall and has a mezzanine level on the second floor. Directly in front of you when you walk in is the main dance floor, which is surrounded by tables, and the DJ facing the entire club. There are bars on opposite ends of the main room. To the right is Heart of Omnia, which also has tables and a dance floor, and is less crowded than the main room.


Second floor. Purple is mezzanine level in main room, terrace is yellow

Going up the stairs at Omnia gives you two other areas to explore. The mezzanine level above the dance floor has some amazing views of the chandelier and main room. It also offers larger table spaces for bigger groups. The terrace at Omnia overlooks the strip. With Caesars Palace being so centrally located, you get some amazing views. The terrace has its own DJ, bar, dance floor and a more chill atmosphere than inside.

Getting In

First check out my guide: Nightclubs: How Do I Get In?? 

Getting into Omnia follows the same rules as the other high end Vegas nightclubs, but it also offers some unique options outside of buying tickets or getting on a guest list.

VIP bar card: Hakkasan and Omnia both offer this option. Essentially instead of paying around $30 for a ticket, you can pay $100 for a bar card that includes the price of admission plus $100 worth of drinks at the bar. Most people plan on having a few drinks inside anyways, usually around $20 each, so it’s probably better than tickets for most.

Note that you have to arrive before midnight to pick your card and be guaranteed entry. There’s no cancelation or transfers, so only buy it if you are sure of your plan. Also despite what it says online, don’t count on any sort of VIP treatment versus the normal ticket buyers. The line is usually very short but if you come later there’s a chance you will have a decent (30-60 min) wait.

Hotel guests: As far as I know there is no special treatment for guests of Caesars Palace. The only exception to this is if you are staying at the Nobu Hotel. You can use the special line and basically walk right in. You still have to pay cover charge, which can be much higher than presale, so I would recommend buying tickets or the bar card anyways. Just use that line so you don’t have to wait with everyone in general admission.

Caesars status: If you are a Diamond or Seven Star at Caesars you can also use the same special line as Nobu guests. There is usually nobody there, so it’s very convenient. Not 100% sure but I think Diamonds can bring in one other person with them, but like Nobu guests, still have to pay cover.

Seven Stars on the other hand can bring in up to three guests and they all get in free! It’s really one of the best and unknown perks of Seven Star status. So if you have a high rolling friend you’re in luck. Otherwise go hang out by high stakes baccarat and make buddies with some degenerates.

Bottle Service

Getting bottle service at Omnia is a great idea. It’s not the worst club for GA, but it’s also not the best.

Below I’ll give you what prices you can expect to pay for all the tables at Omnia. Prices will be table minimums. All in means taxes, fees and tips included. Low end prices are for lesser known DJs and weekdays, high end is for Calvin Harris. Check the layouts above for table numbers.

Main Room and Mezzanine: If you can afford it, the best and most expensive tables in all of Las Vegas can be found on the dance floor of Omnia. Being under the chandelier, having girls fly down from the ceiling to deliver you champagne, and possibly the best club special effects in the whole world make it truly a ridiculous experience.

  • Dance Floor (#11-19): Min: 7.5-12.5k, All in: 11-18k
  • Upper Dance Floor (#20-29): Min: 6-10, All in: 8.5-14
  • Tier 3 (#31-36): Min: 4-7, All in: 6-10
  • Mezzanine (#211-236): Min: 3-4.5, All in: 4.5-6.5
  • Tables behind the DJ (#1-8): Not sure, ask your host or message me and I’ll find out

Heart of Omnia and Terrace: If Main Room prices seem insanely expensive (they are), you can always go for a table in the Heart of Omnia or on the Terrace. This is also a good choice if you prefer hip hop/open format over EDM, or if you are looking for a more chill atmosphere at the table.

  • HoO Dance Floor (#121-3,131,141,161-3): Min: 2-3k, All in: 3-4.5k
  • HoO Tier 2 (#101-8,151-8): Min: 1-2k, All in: 1.6-3k
  • Terrace (#311-357): Min: 1-2k, All in: 1.6-3k


  • Based on value I don’t recommend tables not in the main room, especially if it’s your first time at Omnia. Sure it gives you a place to meet, but you really aren’t getting the Omnia experience if you’re on the terrace or HoO. For the same price you can usually get a table right in the action at XS or a Tier 2 club.
  • In main room going from Upper Dance Floor to Tier 3 is a bit of a drop off, so if you’re on the fence definitely go UDF.
  • Only take a Mezzanine table over main room Tier 3 if your group prefers to have a little more privacy and stick together. If you prefer more action and easier to meet girls, go downstairs. Mezzanine does has best views of the club though.
  • Most tables are for 8-12 people.


That’s all I got. Hit me up if you need any other info or if I forgot to include something.