Location: Encore

Tier: 1 ($$$)

Good for general admission? Yes

Re-entry allowed? Yes. Very easy to get back in

Decent table prices start: $4000+ all in

Open: Mon/Fri/Sat, Sun for Nightswim

The Lowdown:

XS is a legend in the Las Vegas nightclub world. Open for nearly a decade, XS has seen a lot of other clubs come and go. Despite all the competition now in Vegas nightlife, XS has maintained its Tier 1 status.

Not everyone will agree, but if you ask Vegas veterans, the consensus is that XS is overall the best club in Vegas. It’s not the newest, they don’t spend as much on headlining DJs as Hakkasan/Omnia, but the service, design, and atmosphere combine to make it stand out above the rest. Of the tier 1 clubs it’s by far the best for general admission. No Vegas weekend should be done without going to XS!


The Venue:

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 3.03.18 PM.png

Outdoors(L)/Inside(R). DJ in the middle open to both sides

To start XS is huge!!! On a holiday weekend with a headliner DJ they can fit several thousand people. It’s a split indoor/outdoor design where inside you have the typical nightclub atmosphere (tables, dance floor, loud music) and outside is more relaxed so you can chill out, talk and even gamble.

Inside is a semi circle focused on the dance floor and DJ. The tables are tiered so there’s no bad spots, though the closer to the dance floor, the better. Bars are to the left and right along the back wall.

The outside of XS is an enormous space and a great place to catch a break from the craziness inside. There’s a dance floor that’s open to the back of the DJ area. Many tables and beds surround the pool and cabanas along the walls. In the center of the pool area you’ll find a bar and gaming tables.

You can do a full 360 tour of XS on their website: http://xslasvegas.com/360tour

Getting In:

First check out my guide: Nightclubs: How Do I Get In?? 

Getting into XS follows the same rules as the other high end Vegas nightclubs. Compared to Omnia and Hakkasan, the entry to XS is much more organized and reasonable.

Tickets: Start at $20/30+ F/M. On very popular nights they will sell tickets that only grant you access to the outside so be sure to check what tickets you are buying.

Hotel guests: If you are staying at Wynn or Encore you can buy higher priced expedited tickets from the concierge but it’s usually not worth it. The ticket line at XS moves fast.

Red Card status: As far as I know there is no special treatment.

Re-entry: Works really well at XS. If you’re worried about lines, go to XS early, get stamped and come back later. Re-entry has its own line and is rarely more than a few people deep.

Guestlist: For even or better M/F ratios you can usually get on a guestlist and avoid cover.


Bottle Service

Though XS is my favorite club for GA, it’s always better to do bottle service if it’s within your budget.

Below I’ll give you the range of prices you can expect to pay for tables at XS. Min will be table minimums. All in means taxes, fees, handshake and all tips included. Low end prices are for industry nights, high end will be for holiday weekends and The Chainsmokers.



Main Room: The main room is where you want to be in XS. Compared to the other Tier 1 clubs, getting a good table at XS can be quite a bit cheaper. Unlike Hakkasan where the only good tables are the lower and upper dance floor tables, at XS even the back wall tables get good views and traffic.

  • Lower Dance Floor (#500-530, 600-630): Min: 3-15k, All in: 4.5-21k
  • Upper Dance Floor (#540-575, 640-675): Min: 2.5-12, All in: 3.5-17
  • Tier 3 (#300-390, 400-490): Min: 1.5-8, All in: 2.2-11.5
  • Back Wall (#100-170, 200-260): Min: 1-4, All in: 1.5-6


xs outside.png


Outside: Being outside is another option if your budget doesn’t get you in the main room. The best tables outside are near the entrance to get inside or around the dance floor outside. Cabanas are ok if you have a large group but they will feel removed from the action.

  • Immediate Patio (#700-706, 800-806): Min: 1-3k, All in: 1.5-4.5k
  • Everything else: Min: 500-2, All in: 800-3

Table tips:

  • All the tables inside XS get a good view of the DJ and have good traffic to meet people.
  • If you have a choice try to be as centered as possible.
  • Outside XS can be fun too but less crazy than you will get inside.
  • On the most popular nights you may not be able to get inside if your table is outside. Ask your host first if that will be the case.
  • Tables are for 6-15 people.