I should end the article there but I guess I’ll defend myself a little.

I’ll start off by saying that this article is mostly geared towards groups that are primarily or entirely male. This is because:

  1.  In Vegas tables have more value to guys than girls.
  2. Outside of bachelorette parties you rarely see a group of girls paying for a table, and usually they are getting some kind of special deal that isn’t available to guys.
  3. Pretty much every group of girls that’s at least a little bit cute/friendly will at some point be invite to come join a table of guys. Even the most fun and handsomest of men rarely get that treatment.
  4. Girls get preferential treatment in Vegas from employees, hosts and other visitors. Paying for a table is one of the few ways guys can get just a little love.
  5. And lastly… because many girls feel entitled to get everything for free in Vegas. The idea of spending a few hundred dollars each for one night out just isn’t gonna fly!

Now that we got that out the way let me try to give you my reasons for why you and your buddies should cough up the cash for a table even though it might cost you 2-5x as much as a night being in general admission would.


What you’re really paying for isn’t the alcohol

Ummm then why did I just pay a $1000 for a magnum bottle of Grey Goose??

Well I guess you are paying for alcohol, but if that was all you got it really wouldn’t make fiscal sense. Let me break it down:

  • 1L Bottle of Grey Goose: $500 (that’s being generous)
  • 1.5 oz standard pour/shot equals about 22 drinks/bottle
  • $500/22 = $22.73 per drink
  • Mixed drinks at Tier 1 clubs: $15-17. Let’s round up to $20 with tip.
  • Winner: general admission and buying out the bar!!

And that’s before we even add in 8% tax, 20% waitress tip, several hundred dollar ‘handshake’ to your host, tips for security & busser and often a 5-10% entertainment tax. All of a sudden our bottle costs about 50%+ more.

The only real savings you get is on the price of entrance to the club. If you planned well, or are on an off night and can guestlist, then this isn’t much ($30 or less). But if you are trying to do something last minute at a big event, getting into the club as a GA can be as much as $100-200 per guy.


As in life, your time is Vegas is valuable!

Most people fly into Vegas after getting off work on Friday and leave early Sunday. If you sleep even just a few hours a night that leaves you with less than 30 hours to get into some trouble.

Lines and waiting are just a part of life when visiting Vegas. Waiting for your luggage, taxi lines at the airport and hotels, check in line for your room, lines at the buffet and valet, it seems like everything you want to do, you first have to wait for. This can take hours of your precious time and the worst line in town is often at the clubs.

Getting a table solves this problem (I’m aware there is a table “line” too but its never more than a few minutes). You meet your host at the entrance and he brings you in. Easy living. If you divide the cost of your trip by the number of hours you’re in town, saving an hour or two can already lower the extra cost of the table. Not to mention saving you aggravation.

The real benefits are in the experience

The biggest difference between getting a table and being a general admission customer is in the experience you will have inside the club that night. As a GA in a packed night club you will spend about half your night dancing, drinking, talking to girls and having fun. The other half will be spent getting bumped into and spilled on, pushing through people to get where you want to go, waiting in line for the dance floor, trying to see the DJ, searching for a place to sit or relax, waiting to order drinks at the bar, and constantly being told where you can and cannot go by security guards.

As a guy with a table you will have space to dance and talk, a good view of the DJ, pour your own drinks on demand, access to the dance floor, a place to sit, and a personal waitress, busser, host and security guard at your disposal to take care of anything you might need. You never have to worry about finding people in your group in case someone uses the bathroom or goes exploring. Really the only time you will be aggravated by the density in the club is on the dance floor (you can always just go back to the table), and when you’re going to the bathroom. If you want, your security guard can always escort you anyways.

And the number one reason to get a table…. Girls!!!

If you come to Las Vegas with your significant other all the reasons I gave above still apply.

But if you’re single and came to town with some friends, I’m gonna assume part of the reason you’re here is because you want to party. While chilling with your boys is a sacred national pastime, it’s usually a little more fun if you have some girls to hang around with too. Luckily for you there are tons of them all over Las Vegas!

Despite what some guys want to believe, just because you have a table and some vodka does not mean groups of hot girls are just gonna be throwing themselves at you. What it does mean is that if you happen to meet a group of girls hanging out at the pool, in the casino, or at a dayclub, it’s a lot easier to invite them out with you at night when you have a table. If they happen to already be going to the same club as you that night, inviting them for a drink and some space to chill and dance goes a long ways.

I know this will get flack from the guys with ‘game’ who don’t need to give girls anything to have them want you, but “we’ll meet you inside by the bar someplace” just doesn’t sound quite as appealing. The odds of you staying connected to a girl or group amongst the mass of people inside is much smaller than if they know where to find you. Yeah, yeah, you’re insanely fun and good looking, but so is like 20% of the other guys that will be there. Unless you plan on leashing onto one girl for 4 hours, at some point other dudes will make their moves. Not saying guys in general attendance can’t do well, it’s just more difficult logistically.

If you don’t have any planned meetups at the club, having a table will be a big advantage to making friends inside as well. Especially for guys who aren’t as aggressive or shy. Once the nightclub starts to get packed it becomes almost impossible not to meet some girls. You will notice that as the night get closer to peak times (1-3am), there becomes less and less space even around your table. There will be groups of girls just standing there begging for some relief from the masses of people or some space to dance. If you’re really shy you can also ask your host or security guy to introduce you to some girls. It’s a bit of a weird dynamic so I recommend going at it on your own first.

Some final thoughts

This should be common sense, but often common sense isn’t so common…

Guys: Just because some girl hangs out with you at your table, and drinks some of your alcohol, does not mean it’s an automatic invite to start fingerblasting her. She doesn’t owe you anything. If you find yourself doing cost/benefit analysis of every drink you give out, or complaining because someone from the table next to you is dancing in your space, you’re doing it all wrong. Be generous, be polite. If you want someone to leave your area don’t get into an argument, just ask nicely, and if they won’t go just tell your security guy to handle it. As always, be cool, don’t be uncool. Okkk?

Girls: Just because some guy invites you to hang out at his table does not mean you have free rein to whatever you want. Unless he offers you a drink, or makes it very clear that you can help yourself, do not reach for those bottles!! Someone is paying a stupid amount of money and it’s entirely up to them with whom they want to share. If you’re thirsty it’s totally fine to ask for some juice or soda. That stuff is free and most guys will offer you booze to go with it. Otherwise be friendly and introduce yourself to everyone in the group. Often there will be other girls around, be friendly with them too. Everyones just trying to have fun, it’s not the time to get competitive.

Anyways that’s my pro bottle buying argument. I find that doing general admission for guys usually ends up being around $100-200 for the night, and if you get a table it’s more like $300-500 per person. Obviously you can do a night for free in GA if you want, and can drop 50k on a table, but on a standard night this is what the average person will spend.

If you need any more convincing feel free to contact me.